Verde power amplifliers, speakers...




Verde Kolli "PA" system is out and ready to use.

3 x Stereo line input,

4 x mic or instrument input (transformer and phantom) tubes 2 x 2c51

transformer balanced stereo rec out

2 x  6W tube push pull amps for ribbon tweeters made Philips , tubes 2x (2 xPCL81 and 2C51) 

2 x  18W tube push pull amps for midle bass made Seas 8",  tubes 2x (2 xPL814and 2C51)

 2 x LM3886 for subwoofers 2x Peerles 8"

2 x TDA2050 for additional speakers or 4.1 systems.

PM84 tubes  VU meters.





Verde tuning room loudspeaker project.

:4x2W single end valve power amplifiers (ECL81).  

: Passive three pole line level crossover. 

: No any feedback. : No closed boxes.

4x1W single end A-Class.

Verde triangle valve 1W instrument ampliflier.


Verde car ampliflier 2x2W single end A-Class and 2X6W AB-Class pus pull.