Verde preamplflier projets.


Verdeaudio DiGital free Mastering MiXer ask price... 8 Monos 8 Stereos .

Vari MU compressor, MU output stage.


Valves 1920-1930

Verde Modular mixer projet. No eny compromise, All wasted removed signal path. Passive or active summing. OPA or Valve MU output stage. Valve and OPA gain stages. More detalis and photos later.


Customer project 8Ch tube mic preampliflier.




Few Verde tube microphone amplifliers. Made using E188CC and E88CC tubes.


Vari MU compressor for DER (Digital Editing Room)

Verde mono gigs mixer.

Verde streo gigs mixer

2 x Pultec + 2 x Tube mic pre amp or 4 x Tube mic pre amps.

 PCM4222EVM and Verde analog path of course valves 2xE188CC.