Verde microphone projects.

T_Bone and New Capsule, ponit to point verde electronics.


Lead battery powered stereo tube microphone. Best (not huippu vaan pohja) environment and field recording micrpohe what are made.


Genesis circiut is  removed, now real tube microfone.




Oktava MK-219 fet circiut is  removed, now real tube microfone.


GA tube microphone.

Tube changed and all orginalcircuits are done again.


TSM fet microphone and now Verde tube microfone all orginal circuits are removed.

Tube is Philips SQ miniatyre pentodi.



AKG 414 ULS.  After modifications is real valve microphone. Sound is excellent... 







AKG 414 kapsules and E188CC tubes.

Stereo version, tubes E188CC.

Röde NT1 modification. Tube E180F.

Latest Verde microphone modifications is HELA40, included BG3.1 capsules. Green box is 4ch INA217 microphone amplifier.

And Pena look at.

New DIY mono ribbon microphone prototype. Made using typical domestic aluminum foil and hard disc magnetism.

Stereo ribbon microphone prototype. Sensitivity is wery low but work.

Verde Röde modification


Rode mod 

Latest verde C12 and new HOME